Many of you have no doubt heard of the “backlash” against the ever-thinning crop of runway models, who have become so stick-thin and bobble-headed that the directors of Madrid’s Fashion Week banned all models under 125 lbs. For women who are at least 5’9″, that’s still quite thin, but it’s a step in the right direction, though it met with some resistance from designers like Karl Lagerfeld, who insisted that his preferred models aren’t underweight, they just have “thin bones.” Right.

My beloved gray auntie, the New York Times, devoted a lot of column inches to supporting this bold move against malnourished waifs a few weeks ago. Today I logged on to check out tomorrow’s style section and was greeted with this headline:

Woolly Mammoths

The accompanying story is about the sweater-coats available this season to make women “of all shapes and sizes” feel like “sweater girls.” And here’s a picture of these woolly mammoths:

Granted, the mammoths are probably the sweaters themselves, but at first glance, it seems like the Times is saying that (1) these are big girls in the photo and (2) “bigger” women should stay away from sleeker styles and instead hide under huge, bulky items of clothing. Take a little more care with the headline writing in the future, guys.