This is where I squirrel away my thoughts on Eating, Reading, Watching, Listening, and other bits and pieces of my small life in a quiet corner of Brooklyn (yes, quiet corners exist here). My collaborator will contribute occasional musical treats and other musings.

11 Responses to “About”

  1. bookwormbethie Says:

    So fellow bookish friend, I was browsing at Borders and just saw the perfect book for you!

    Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences
    by Kitty Burns Florey
    ISBN: 1933633107

  2. jbd Says:

    I lived in Athens for 10 years; I wonder if we know any of the same people? You’re in NYC now?

  3. redsquirrel Says:

    Surely we’d know some of the same people; Athens is a small town…yes, I’m in Brooklyn, as most Athens ex-pats are. Depending on age, they all seem to settle in Williamsburg (too young for me) or Carroll Gardens (too rich for me).

    So give me a clue–who is jbd, or at least, where did she work back in Athens?

  4. jbd Says:

    Can’t find a personal email address for you so I’ll just divulge my info publicly!

    I live in Windsor Terrace but usually hang out in Carroll Gardens. (I was, however, in W’burg this weekend for a Still Flyin’ show…) I went to UGA for undergrad and grad school but didn’t really work anywhere of interest in Athens. (Unless you count Waffle House!) Did have lots of friends in bands, though (didn’t we all?): Je Suis France, Masters of the Hemisphere, Maserati, I Am the World Trade Center, etc.


  5. bookwormbethie Says:

    Huh, do I know JBD?!!?

  6. bookwormbethie Says:

    Happy happy birthday birthday!

  7. bookwormbethie Says:

    how did you get your blog title in the right hand corner of your rectangular custom picture???

  8. redsquirrel Says:

    It just defaults there, I guess. I definitely didn’t place the text there.

  9. bookwormbethie Says:

    lucky you, mine defaults to the left, and my font is in all caps 😦

  10. bookwormbethie Says:

    p.s. support e-mailed me back, it has to do with the design template each user picks. you and i must use different ones and i am not going to the trouble to change my design layout/theme just so my words in banner look different.

  11. redsquirrel Says:

    I knew that much; it’s really very easy to change the theme. Just click on a new one.

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