Squirrel, AMS

I found this little guy decorating a bike basket in Amsterdam. Cheerful!


I’m back from what I hope will be my final trip for a while: a culinary tour of eastern Tennessee, which is a bullet I took for the work team. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of cool people, but boy do I feel puffy and tired from a week of too much food and social activity, but not enough physical activity. Impressions?

Farm animals!
Sheep, Locust Grove

Cakes, Magpie's

Really cool farmers:
Cruze Family dairy

Mushrooms (everybody grows them there):

And bluegrass music:
Bluegrass band

I’ll try to do a similar photo-roundup of the Netherlands in the next day or two.

Well, I’ve been too busy with the day job and evening freelance work to do a proper recap of last week’s visit to the Netherlands. But at least I got a couple of squirrel shots while there, so that’ll have to suffice for now. I found this proud fellow at a bakery in the western canal district of Amsterdam last Monday afternoon, when I stopped in for a delicious apple pastry:
Bakery squirrel, AMS

I just got back today from my all-too-brief trip to the Netherlands, and I’m exhausted from 13 hours of travel and a 6-hour jet lag. A fuller account will have to wait a day or two, but I must sing the praises of the tastiest street snack that I think I’ve ever had: the humble broodje haring. The literal translation is herring bread, but it’s so much more (yet still poetically simple). As I was wandering around the western canal district of Amsterdam on Tuesday noontime and feeling a bit peckish I noticed a small stand on a bridge and went in to investigate. A tall, stern old man in a red apron handed me this little bundle of delicious:
Brootje haring
A small, soft roll filled with fresh, raw herring fillets, minced onion, and sweet pickles. It doesn’t sound like much, but the silky, sushi-grade fish, fresh bread, and crunchy, tangy veggies, enjoyed on a crisp fall day with a view of a quiet canal yielded an eating experience far greater than the sum of its parts. Why can’t New York come up with such a satisfying, fresh, delicious, and cheap (at 2.20 euros) street snack? Our stale pretzels and dirty-water hot dogs are a disgrace.

A week from today I’ll be setting out for my first visit to the land of tulips, trollops, and tokers. Considering that I’ll be staying with one of my wackier friends, I’m sure I’ll have some interesting stories and photos to share when I return.


Chocolate chickens, Nemours

At a sweets shop in Nemours, France, on the road from Paris to Beaune. Because they’re cute.

Nihilistic Baby

I know it’s a little lazy to post a photo of a photo, but this one always makes me giggle. This was in the display window of a portrait studio in Reykjavik; if this kid is so world-weary as a chubby infant, I can’t wait to see what a disaffected teen he’ll make.

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