So maybe it will be Squirrel Friday? Or just Friday the 13th. It’s been an eventful year so far, though the demon Facebook has siphoned my sharing away, with pithy thrice-weekly updates on weirdness and fun. The past several weeks have seen what I thought were the beginnings of something new and good, but turned out to be an unrequited situation. (I feel I can share it now because almost nobody who knows me will check this space anymore.) It’s a painful situation, though I think it will pass fairly soon; the party in question delivered the blow as kindly and honorably as possible, and sad feelings pass a lot sooner than hard feelings, of which there really are none, even in my habitually pessimistic view. Strangely, and oddly comfortingly, as I was receiving the speech while sitting on a park bench, a fat, fluffy squirrel inched over and sniffed cautiously at my bare toe, staring up at us as I was trying to hold my feelings together. He knew it’s a hard world out there for squirrels.