Over the past ten years I have (in no particular order):

  • Set foot in nine different countries.
  • Gotten a divorce.
  • Had my heart stomped on two other times.
  • Acquired a useless master’s degree.
  • Bought, restored, and sold a house.
  • Raised chickens.
  • Started and sold a business.
  • Coped with the deaths of several friends.
  • Attempted one unhappy career change.
  • Written one very bad novel.
  • Moved to New York.
  • Had seven different addresses.
  • Run three half-marathons.
  • Edited many, many books.
  • Tried, haltingly, to learn to play an instrument.
  • Made more new friends than I thought I was capable of.
  • Seen many, many amazing concerts.
  • Become a much better cook.
  • Been robbed.

And lots of other stuff. On the main, it’s been a decade of a lot of growth, but also a lot of turbulence. I’m ready for things to stabilize a bit over the next ten years.