I really like days that strike the right balance of good Jen/”bad” Jen (bad being in quotes because I don’t think the bad things are all that bad). Yesterday was an example. It being Saturday, I had to haul my sorry self out of bed early to get ready to meet my training group at the top of the park at 8:30; I hadn’t made it to bed until 1 am, however, and I’d woken up around 6:15 with a weird dream.

So I was operating on very little rest for our long-run day. Still, I managed to ride my bike up there and trot a respectable 8+ miles around the park with my new friends (good Jen!). Then about a dozen of us descended on a local restaurant for brunch, and I inhaled a plate of eggs Benedict (bad Jen!), though I managed to resist the lure of bottomless bloody marys (good Jen!). Once home, I showered and dove into bed for a 2-hour nap (bad, or at least lazy), then awoke to prepare for our participation in a friend’s cocktail-making contest. Once there I ate a semi-disgraceful amount of cheese and oatmeal cookies (bad!), but only sipped delicately at itty-bitty samples of my competitors’ special drinks (good!).

And the best part is, we won! Friday’s late bedtime was due to our laboring over the winning recipe, which we called the Forsythia in honor of these very early days of spring. Take note, budding bartenders—this is the recipe that captured the hearts of discerning Brooklynites:

2 parts gin (use a good one with strong juniper notes, like Boodles)
1 part fresh-squeezed Meyer lemon juice
1/2 part simple syrup (increase this slightly to taste if using regular lemons)
1/4 part green Chartreuse
fresh rosemary

Combine all but the rosemary in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Pour into glass over fresh ice and garnish with a small sprig of rosemary.