But not until after I took my icy little fists on another group run (I didn’t make it to the store in time to buy the gloves before everyone headed out the door for the warm-up trot to the park). It was pretty much the same workout as on Saturday morning, but with more emphasis on maintaining proper form. And I’m pleased to report that once again I was up running with the leaders—in fact, I was the fastest ladyrunner and second-fastest overall, without undue exertion! This is not bragging so much as a continuing sense of wonder and surprise that I’m actually kind of good at something physical. Even though I’ve been working out regularly for years, I still see myself as the pale, pudgy teenager I was 20 years ago (I’m not exactly bronzed and buff now, either). So even though I’m only doing a half-marathon, the coaches are having me train with the intermediate marathon group, at least until their training schedule diverges from the HM group a few months from now.

Another happy note—it’s supposed to be a balmy 45 degrees on Saturday, so no icy agony!