This morning’s first TNT training run went pretty well. The meeting spot is about 1 1/2 miles from my house, so I decided to ride my bike up there as a warm-up (it’s almost all uphill from here), which tuned out to be sort of a good idea. I definitely warmed up and would have been perfectly happy to start running right away, but the super-pumped (and cozily bundled) coaches decided to give us a 15-minute pep talk as we stood there in 20-degree weather with a biting wind that brought the wind chill somewhere south of 10 degrees.

As I stood there, the warmth ebbed from my rapidly stiffening muscles and my toes turned into little blocks of ice. When we finally started running (30 minutes of easy half-mile drills to assess fitness levels) my toes were so cold that it felt like someone was whacking on them with hammers every time I took a step. In addition, my face was so frozen that I could barely talk, which made this “social run” a little awkward as I sniffled and mumbled incoherent monosyllables in response to polite getting-to-know-you questions from my fellow runners. On the upside, the cold lent wings to my feet; I easily kept up with the two fastest runners in the group and thus was reasonably thawed out by the end of the run, at which point they made us loiter around in the cold and stretch for about 5 minutes.

And then came the bike ride home—downhill, into the wind. It was physically easy, but my hands, in cute, worthless little mittens of tissue-weight cashmere, were utterly frozen within about 30 seconds, and I was nearly hyperventilating with the pain of it by the time I reached my house. More than 90 minutes later my fingertips still hurt. So before the next training session (Wednesday) I’m using the 15% off coupon they gave us for Jack Rabbit Sports toward a very, very nice pair of wind-blocking gloves.

Oh, and a nice surprise awaited me when I got home—another donation! Thanks, Anna!