I cannot get over how anxious I feel on the eve of this election. After eight years of the horrible Bush regime and seeing what nightmarish clowns the current republican candidates have become (remember when McCain was a relatively good person?), I just can’t quite believe that, despite what the polls say, this country might actually come out in favor of a more inclusive, inspiring, and humanistic government. Regardless of political idoeology, I can’t for the life of me see how anyone can vote for candidates who have run such a dishonest, negative, bitter campaign. Does anyone want to be represented by such inept, dishonorable people? Does anyone really want to fly in the face of global goodwill and further isolate their faltering country, even if they don’t really agree with the Democrats? I watch the news and listen to the speeches and interviews with candidates and voters who say such ugly things, and I sometimes have a hard time believing we all live in the same country, so strong is the surreal feeling of living in a parallel universe. Anyhow. I hope we don’t blow our big chance tomorrow; everyone who’s eligible, please vote. I’ll be interested to see what the world looks like day after tomorrow.