Late last week I received some very exciting news in my daily Google alert. Edison, NJ, resident Jeff Kipnis has written a series of comic books about a superhero the world has been awaiting for far too long: Lightning Squirrel!

According to the article, LS was created, as most superheroes are, by accident:

The first issue tells of Lightning Squirrel’s origins as the result of a mad scientist’s use of a tesla coil to prevent squirrels from getting into his birdfeeder. While the device manages to trap his fellows in its electrified grasp, the rodent that will eventually become Lightning Squirrel instead gains superpowers that include flight, the ability to toss bolts of electricity, and human speech. His archenemy, established early on, is Swimming Lady, who was taught to hate and fear squirrels from an early age by her mother, who warned that they could carry rabies and kill her with but a single bite.

Written like a true squirrel champion—his hero gains superpowers from the very device meant to thwart him, and he fights against squirrel prejudice and ignorance (as well as Dastardly Dog). The first issue of the comic is available here (and oh yes, I’m placing my order asap), with the balance to follow throughout 2009.