I’m so excited about tonight’s dinner that I’m blogging it as I’m eating it. On Sunday I took a meander through the neighborhood greenmarket and picked up, among other things, a big bag of long sweet red Italian peppers and a package of fresh carrot fettuccine. I’d never had the latter before, and it was so pretty and orange that I had to try it. I didn’t really have preparation in mind for either of these.

As it so happens, though, I’m currently proofing the memoir of noted Italian chef and restaurateur Pino Luongo.  Although it’s not a cookbook, there is a small appendix to the manuscript called “Recipes, My Way,” meaning no quantities, times, or temperatures specified, just guidelines for ingredients and preparations. My kind of cook! The very first recipe caught my eye: Pasticcio di Dante (Dante’s Sweet Mess). It calls for sweet peppers, olive oil, capers, anchovies, and black pepper, sautéed and then briefly roasted. Everything was on hand! So I threw it all together, with the addition of a large fresh tomato chopped up, and dumped it over the fettuccine (Luongo says to serve with bread for sopping, which I’m sure is also lovely, but I was determined to use what was in the house). The sweetness of the peppers and pasta dressed with the brininess of the capers and anchovies? Brilliant! And so quick–I preheated the oven while chopping and sautéing the sauce, then roasted while I boiled the water and cooked the pasta. All done to perfection in 30 minutes. This might even become a company meal. Thanks, Pino!