Eesh, I just realized I haven’t posted since last Squirrel Wednesday. Blame it on being very busy yet with nothing very noteworthy. Anyhow, since I bit the bullet and joined a gym today, I figured this week’s post would focus on Squirrels in Sports, namely, Le Fédération Béninoise de Football, aka the Benin National Football Team, aka Les Écureuils, aka…The Squirrels! Yes indeed, the proud footballers of this small African nation have named themselves after the plucky little squirrel (although I’m not sure which squirrel they mean, as there are 30 species of tree squirrels and 5 of ground squirrels in Africa). In their 78-year history, the Squirrels have never made it to the World Cup, but this week, for the first time ever, they’ve made it to Round 2 (beating out Angola) of the Africa Nations Cup! Below are a few of Benin’s young Squirrels at practice. Go Squirrels!

The players of "The Squirrels" (Les Ecureuils), the Benin's national football team, play during a training session. (ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty Images)

The Squirrels at practice (their official uniform is actually yellow). Photo courtesy of Getty Images.