Well, I’ll be damned. Turns out I can run 13.1 after all. Was it fun and easy? No and hell no. [Aside to all those people who don’t listen to me or pay attention to what I write (i.e., everyone I know): I did not enter/run a race. I simply wanted to see whether I could run a half-marathon and, if so, then maybe I’ll enter a race at a later date.] I’m sort of proud of myself–at least I made it without walking (or fainting, or vomiting, or needing an emergency bathroom break), but I finished two minutes slower than my very modest goal pace. I should be happy for small victories, though, considering how much I’ve slacked off my training for the past two weeks. I’m also pleased that now a 10k run is an average workout, whereas it was a scary goal about 6 months ago. I’ll do my best to maintain a pretty high training level and enter a real half-marathon race in about 5 weeks.