For the past week, most of the Google alerts coming my way have pointed to stories about the opening of squirrel-hunting season this past weekend. According to many accounts I’ve read, upwards of 400,000 squirrels get bagged each year. That’s a lot of Brunswick stew!

To counter that, however, I also came across a story of a true squirrel friend. Apparently a kind woman in Altamonte Springs, Florida, saved 150 baby squirrels from the winds and floodwaters of Hurricane Fay last week. Anyone who’s kept little squirrels before will know what a brave lady Mary Jane Eisner must be–when these little critters wake up or feel like they’re not getting enough attention, they set up the most piercing shrieks you’ve ever heard. One is bad enough, but 150 would make your ears bleed. This link to the slideshow of her brood melts the heart, though.