Today marked the end of Week 1 at my new company. For the most part, it’s all very, very good. My coworkers are very nice, it’s a pleasant work space, the work itself is challenging and interesting, and the days absolutely fly by (in my last job, I was a shameless clock-watcher). I even kind of enjoyed the weekly staff meeting, the first such meeting I’ve been required to attend since moving to New York. Aside from the actual job, Big Corporation has a killer staff cafeteria (taco station!), on-site yoga and pilates, and peculiar optional benefits like pet insurance. Also, we have summer Fridays, which is why I’m able to blog from home in the middle of the afternoon.

One small fly in the week’s sweet-smelling ointment was the fact that my computer decided to stop working for me just as I was starting to get the hang of the typesetting program, which has seriously hampered my productivity and made me go running to various people’s offices for help, something I never like to do. So I got placed temporarily in a workspace less than half the size of my original one, with the most evilly stained chair I’ve ever seen, but said tiny cubby at least has an operating computer. When I asked Mr. Tech Support why we couldn’t just put my non-operating computer in the vacant cubby and bring the good one into my nice, happy space, he said it would take a few days’ worth of paperwork running through the main computer support office to get permission. Really? We need the say-so from a different department 11 floors below us in order to unplug a computer and plug it back in about 15 feet away? Even the Big State University where I used to work didn’t have that level of nitpicky bureaucracy. So we shall see what kind of work environment I walk into on Monday.