I love those days when you feel like it’s been sort of lazy, but in fact a ton of things happened. Today I woke up, made breakfast, ran 9 miles (another first!) at a surprisingly decent pace, then made a lunch of delicious tomato sandwiches, and worked for a little while. Then I took a quick nap and then headed out to Queens with Will to celebrate a friend’s birthday at the truly mind-boggling Spa Castle. Please, please follow the link, and know that it doesn’t do the facility justice. For three hours we soaked in a bewildering variety of tubs, got pummeled by waterfalls, rotated through half a dozen saunas of varying temperatures and materials (mud, salt, jade, gold, and ice), nibbled salads, sipped fresh juices, and saw how Korean families spend their quality time.

Once we were thoroughly relaxed and pruny from hours in the water, we showered, dressed, and headed into Manhattan to catch an early set at the Mercury Lounge of Antenna Shoes, one of our favorite bands of the past few months. Follow the link and listen to the first track (“Open Arms”). Singer Tim Regan (also of Snowglobe) is a friend of a friend, so we had a brief, pleasant chat with him after their set. Then we capped the evening with a snack at the always-awesome Katz’s Deli. Then home by 10:30. That’s what I call time well spent.