As most people visiting here know, I left my last office job at the start of 2008 to try my hand at self-employment. It got off to a great start, and I loved the variety and flexible/relaxed schedule. Then, as we got into summer, I started to realize I didn’t so much love the constant scrambling to find more work, the weeks of waiting around to get paid, the feeling that any time spent not working meant money lost, and so on. So I figured I would apply for a select few jobs that looked like really great opportunities (I applied for a total of three, given the crap job market right now). Long, boring story short, I got the call and a series of interviews, and starting Monday I’m not only back working for The Man, I’m working for just about The Biggest Man in my field, which will be new territory for me, as my previous experience was first in academia and then in a tiny, shaggy little company. Now we’re talking big-kid corporate culture, and I’m rather surprised by how excited I am to become a part of something like this. And the best part is that I don’t really need this job; if I hate it, or they hate me, or I get laid off, etc., I know I can make a living on my own if I have to, and it allows me to take a very lighthearted approach to this new chapter. I think the hardest part will be readjusting to waking up before 8 am. But there will be abundant free coffee at New Job, so I think I’ll be fine.