Finally! I’ve busted a plateau and set a new personal distance record of 8 miles. I was a little worried about today’s run after I did my 7-mile run on Monday (recall that I should have done that distance last Sunday, but was sent packing by a thunderstorm at about 5 1/2 miles). On Monday I developed a wicked side stitch about a mile into my second lap and had to run the remaining 3 miles in sort of a hunched-over hobble from the pain in my side. Today, though, I made sure all conditions were right: I ate my breakfast a good 90 minutes before running, drank two pint glasses of water before setting out, and carried another 20-oz. bottle with me. I did get an occasional twinge in my side during the second half of my run, but it was manageable, and I finished at a pretty decent pace.

A funny thing happened when running this week–I kept coming up behind men who, despite their crappy pace (if I can overtake them, they’re slow), could not stand to be passed by me. I was afraid I might cause this one guy to hurt himself the other day. He must have been around 60 and was running with an obvious effort; he picked up his pace when he heard my footsteps behind him, and even then I overtook him pretty easily. Then suddenly he zoomed past me, panting madly, and slowed back down again once he was about 40 feet past me. Of course, I passed him again, and the cycle continued. The poor guy probably would have passed out eventually if I hadn’t turned down a different path after about a mile of this nonsense. Same thing happened with a slightly younger guy today.

These next two weeks will be a challenge to stay with the schedule–we’re heading out for ten days of family time in Nantucket and New Hampshire, which means I’ll have to fit training in around all the family activities and travel days.