I was just about to lose hope for interesting squirrel news this week, when I stumbled upon a listing for an event in the upcoming Minnesota Fringe Festival: An Inconvenient Squirrel!

Joseph Scrimshaw, Evil Genius Squirrel, Writer, and Director

Joseph Scrimshaw--Evil Genius Squirrel, Writer, and Director

In the lost village of the Squirrel People every squirrel is named for their most distinctive trait–there’s Clumsy Squirrel, Wise Squirrel, and even Socially Awkward Squirrel. But the village is thrown into chaos when a young squirrel refuses to pick a name–an inconvenient squirrel!

An Inconvenient Squirrel is a live action cartoon for the stage. Designed to engage both children and adults on their own level, this fast-paced morality tale tackles issues of identity and conformity with wit, intelligence…and several grown men dressed as squirrels.

How AWESOME does that sound? I’ve never been to Minneapolis, but I swear, every time I hear or read something about that place, I love it a little more. People there seem so weird and creative, and there’s such great support for the arts. If anyone out there goes to see this (and I’m totally jealous if you do), please write in and let me know how it goes.