I did great with my running plan this week, until today. This was supposed to be my 7-mile day, which is the current upper limit of my running ability (as far as I know), so I got up early-ish to get out and beat both the heat and the thunderstorms that were forecast for later today. I was trotting along just fine, when I noticed some big clouds as I was completing my first lap of the park (two laps plus the run home is a little more than 7 miles); there wasn’t much wind, though, and I didn’t hear any thunder, so I figured a storm wouldn’t be anywhere near me within the next half-hour or so. Wrong. About a mile into my second lap I heard thunder; I got caught in a storm a few miles from home last year and wasn’t eager to replicate that experience today, so I regretfully turned around and headed back. Altogether my run today was about 5.5 miles, which isn’t terrible, but not great. I checked the weather channel when I got in, and sure enough, there’s a severe thunderstorm warning for my immediate area. The cats are already hiding in the bathroom (they started fearing storms after last summer’s tornado).

Regarding the push-ups, I still do them three times a week, but I’m ignoring the Plan. I just do four to five exhaustion sets (as many as I can manage with good form) with a minute or two of rest in between. That ought to keep me in good shape.