As reported last week, the half-marathon training was going to be disrupted by a trip out west. I did my thing Monday to Wednesday, then decided not to worry about the rest too much. There wasn’t an awful lot of walking in LA, but we did go out to a club on Friday night, where I danced vigorously (if very clumsily) for a while, and then on Saturday we went on a steep 4-mile hike in a canyon outside of Beverley Hills. It wasn’t training per se, but I think enough activity to stave off any loss of stamina. My Sunday workout was only supposed to be a 5k run anyhow. This week will be the first that will push me to my current limit of 7 miles, and then next week will be new territory for me, when I do my first 8-mile run. Stay tuned on that.

Regarding the push-ups, I’m a little ambivalent about going all the way to 100 consecutive. I’m starting to worry that my shoulders are getting sort of butchy-broad. I’ve still been doing push-ups most days of the week, but have allowed myself to plateau around 60 to 70 across a handful of sets. I can do 25 consecutive now without too much trouble, and would like to get up to around 40, but that’s good enough for me.