Ah, the English. I can always count on them to deliver a good squirrel story, complete with Beatrix Potter details. Harriet Snookes, writing for Aylesbury Today, tells us about a bald squirrel, nicknamed Smoothie, that was recently brought in to the St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital for observation:

Smoothie was rescued after a lady in Amersham noticed the animal running around in her back garden. She called St Tiggywinkles and they told her to bring the creature in. She laid a trap for Smoothie and took him to the hospital in Haddenham, where he has been kept ever since.

Whole article here. Smoothie is under observation while the good people at St. Tiggy’s, as the locals call it, try to determine why the poor guy has no fluff:

It seems like the two main theories are mange or drawing the short straw in the genetics lottery.