I got back on track with the running program this week, finally. My toe stopped hurting a few days ago, but I’m a little disturbed by what I think may have caused it…gout?!? I never went to the doctor so can’t be positive, but all the symptoms were there–just one joint affected (75% of flare-ups are in the big toe), swollen and hot, concurrent flu-like symptoms. Problem is, I’m not an obese, steak-eating, alcoholic old man, which is the typical profile of gout sufferers. There is such a thing as pseudo-gout, which is the same symptoms but a different crystal structure in the joint fluid. That mostly affects bedridden nursing-home patients. I guess I’ll go get it tested if it happens again, but for now I’m just glad it doesn’t hurt anymore.

My push-up schedule was a bear this week. As you may recall, I started off at Level 2 and had to do an “exhaustion test” before starting Week 3 to see if I would continue at that level. I needed a minimum of 21 push-ups to maintain my level, which I just barely managed. And the next workout required at that level? Eighty-three push-ups, up from 48 just a few days before. Hell, no. I demoted myself to Level 1, which was still plenty hard, and I finished the week with 78 push-ups, which I think is pretty good, even for the super-weakling level.