My coeditor sent out a plea for squirrel lore, as he’s currently spending the week kicking back in the no-squirrel zone of Nantucket. Most news stories that came up on Google were negative (ground squirrels in San Diego have the plague, red squirrels in the UK are dying out), but here’s a cute one from Kent, Ohio: Black Squirrel to Hover Over Kent. Apparently some guy there is so taken with the black squirrels that scamper around his yard that he’s going to project an image of one, Batman-style, during this weekend’s fireworks display in his town. Thanks for showing some squirrel love, Michael Pritt! We have several black squirrels in the neighborhood here in Brooklyn, and they *are* handsome little critters. Photo below for those of you who’ve never seen one–sort of the black panther (or, um, Dark Knight) of the squirrel kingdom: