This week’s running schedule was a little less consistent than it was the previous two weeks. On Tuesday I developed a mysterious swelling and ache in my left big toe that has persisted until today, neither getting worse nor better. I don’t recall doing anything to stub or sprain it, but now every time I put full weight on it (you never realize how much weight the big toe carries until it starts to hurt), it feels like someone is stomping on its main “knuckle” joint. A few Advil pre-run gets me through the workout, but I’ve been running a little slower than usual. Then I woke up on Friday with a sudden head cold, which is still making me feel crummy, and it’s been raining off and on all day, which was all I needed to skip today’s run. So altogether, I’d say I did about two-thirds of what I should have done this week, which I guess is okay, especially considering that this coming week’s training regimen is the same. I think I should be able to make up any lost ground.

Week 2 of the Hundred Push-Ups fared better; I’m now up to 46 push-ups per workout. Tomorrow I’m going to do another “exhaustion” test, per the program, to see what level I should be working at for the next few weeks. In order to stay within my current training level (level 2), I’ll have to crank out at least 21. Otherwise, I’ll be demoted to level 1.