On the half-marathon front, I’ve done everything Week 1 has told me to do. Actually, unless scheduling or weather really conspire against me, I think this plan will be easy until about Week 7 or 8, when the training runs start pushing beyond what I can already do at this point. I won’t even push into a double-digit run (which I’ve never managed before) until Week 11. But the consistency of exercise is what will really help me, I think. I tend to be all over the map, sometimes working out five days a week, sometimes only two. With this, I’ll be running five days and strength-training at least two days a week for the full twelve weeks.

I also did my first day of the push-ups plan, which will be very easy to stick to, since the “workouts” only take about 5 minutes. Day 1 for Level 2 weaklings like yours truly comprises five sets of push-ups with 60 seconds of resting in between. The sets go 7, 7, 5, 4, 5. So I just did 28 push-ups! And I can tell already that I’ll have some soreness tomorrow. The plan is for only three days a week to allow for recovery. Thanks, guys.