As I was browsing various health and fitness sites this morning, I came upon another training program that I think–I am–going to do: One Hundred Push-Ups. The claim is that this program gets the weakest weakling up to 100 push-ups in six weeks. Again, why am I doing this? Because it dovetails nicely with the strength-training portion of my half-marathon schedule, for one. Also, my arms are just about the only part of my body I don’t have some vanity problem with; they’ve always been very nicely toned, even though I have zero upper-body strength. I’d like to do something to keep them looking good, because I know they won’t stay pretty on their own as I get older. Also also, I’ve simply had push-ups on the brain ever since reading this article in the Times a few months back.

I took the program’s “before you begin” test this morning; apparently the 10 military-form push-ups I can manage only place me at level 2 for my age group. Boo! But just you wait: in six weeks I’ll be all G.I. Jane.