I’ve been reading here and there that people who blog about their goals tend to succeed more in meeting them because they have a readership that will hold them accountable if they backslide or fail. So I’m announcing that I’ve decided to use this summer to train for a half-marathon. I’ve made vague statements about “working toward” being able to run that far, but now I’m making it a firm, specific goal. As for why, well, because it’s there, and I’m frustrated by my 7-mile plateau. I have the flexibility of schedule, proximity of a pleasant and safe place to run, and it’s better than sitting around the house. I’m not even entering a race; four laps around the park (at 3.35 miles per lap) will do it. I’ve downloaded this training schedule, which should get me to my 13.1 in 12 weeks, meaning I’ll be doing it Labor Day weekend. Hm. Maybe there is a race somewhere that I could enter that weekend. Anyhow, now a few people out there in the world know I’m doing this (I’m on day 3 of The Schedule), so perhaps fear of scolding will keep me on course.