It’s been a pretty busy weekend of fun new things, although the sudden stifling heat makes it seem like I’ve been moving through quicksand. A quick selection of photos follows; click on each for a full slideshow.

Friday was Will’s birthday, so we had a few friends over for drinks and a trip out to L&B Spumoni Garden for pizza and ice cream:

Saturday we rode our bikes out to Brighton Beach to seek out a particular brand of vodka–it was fun but there was nothing really visually noteworthy on this outing aside from the wicked sunburn that developed on my shoulders.

Today we made our first trip out to Governor’s Island, that odd little patch of earth out in the middle of New York Harbor that has only offered limited access to the general public in the past few years. Prior to that it had been a pretty closed-off fort and then military base for the past 200 years. The occasion was to see our friend Gabriel read from his latest novel. We took a few hours to stroll the grounds and take in the really weird sculptures:

Freaky! But if you click on the photo, it’ll take you to the full slideshow that gives you a much less menacing overview of the place.

Returning to Manhattan (I originally wrote mainland, but Manhattan’s an island, too!), we headed to the other half of the Battery Terminal to check out David Byrne’s “Playing the Building” installation:

This is the slideshow most worth clicking through. Mr. Byrne happened upon this abandoned space and decided it had great muscial potential. So he gutted this organ and ran wires out of it to various pipes, radiators, and columns throughout the building, so that pressing the keys unleashes this cacaphony that sounds like a construction site crossed with a haunted house crossed with melancholy pan flutes. This is one of the better conceptual/interactive works of art I’ve seen. I may have to go back when it’s not 100 degrees.