As you all know, the editors of Always Double Back are real-life editors as well. The Squirrel nibbles away mostly at dry, academic tomes while the Puffin gets the sexier jobs like novels and other fun trade books. He also has semi-regular gigs at two well-known magazines, Upscale Manmag and Upscale Ladymag. Magazines are inundated with all sorts of free products that publicists hope will be reviewed or otherwise editorially featured; most of these items end up in the frayed messenger bags of the underpaid editorial staff. Will often brings home things from Manmag‘s giveaway pile that none of the other people want, usually books. I’ve been pestering for a while for him to swipe some stuff from Ladymag as well, but didn’t really expect much due to what I’m sure is fierce protectiveness from the alpha-kitty staffers there. But this week he managed to pilfer the following pile of treats over the course of an afternoon:

This isn’t even all of it, just what I plan to use. I won’t need to buy any cosmetic or skin-care stuff for at least a year. That little blue bottle was the real score, seeing as it retails for my entire annual skin-care budget. For what it costs, it had better be made with unicorn milk or something.