Back when I lived in Bushwick (not East Williamsburg), I used to take the rusty old J train to work. I’d get off at the Bowery and walk west along Spring Street to my office. That half of the street is pretty drab for SoHo–all the chichi boutiques and cute little cafes are on the western half, on the other side of Broadway. The eastern stretch has a few bars and pizzerias, but generally lacks charm. A bright spot on my walk, though, was checking out the window at the Jen Bekman Gallery, a handkerchief-size space that always featured interesting shows of moody photographs or thickly textured paintings. It was rarely open when I walked by early in the morning or after sunset, but I was always rooting for what looked like a friendly, upretentious gallery that wasn’t a part of the big Chelsea art industry. Ms. Bekman is featured today in a nice article in the New York Times, and now I’m even more impressed. The art world can be tough, and it’s encouraging to see someone making a good go of it.