Pretty darn white. The buzziest new blog right now is Stuff White People Like, which in its 6-week life span has generated more than 4 million hits and yesterday was given a big boost on beloved-by-white-people NPR. Really, it’s stuff liberal 20-50 year-old liberal middle-class white people like, so of course I see quite a bit of myself in there. I love greenmarkets, Brooklyn, recycling, Barack Obama, film festivals, sushi, Arrested Development, being the only white person in an ethnic restaurant, David Sedaris, public transportation, traveling out of the U.S. whenever I can, gifted children, independent music, and so on. The things that don’t apply: I don’t love dogs, Sarah Silverman, snowboarding, bicycles (nothing against them, I’m just afraid of getting hit by an SUV–a Prius would never hit me!), rap, divorce (it wasn’t fun), lawyers, vegans, or irony. But still. I’m verrry white. The blog is hilarious. I look forward to posts on the New Yorker and bloggers.