Overall, I was pleased with who won the main Oscars last night, but I gotta say–Marion Cotillard? Granted, I didn’t see La Vie en Rose, and I would like to, but from what I see it’s just another case of a pretty woman putting on ugly makeup and being lauded for her “transformation.” (At least the makeup artist also won an Oscar.) My favorite for this category was Laura Linney, who (in The Savages) so perfectly captured the essence of an intelligent yet professionally/emotionally/artistically paralyzed late-30s New York woman–the kind who clings to her semi-squalid rent-controlled East Village studio and has bad relationships with unworthy men while fantasizing so hard about her big break that the line between dream and reality blurs. But alas, as usual, false teeth won out over emotional nuance. Someday she’ll likely get Best Supporting Actress for an uninteresting role in a negligible movie, as most of the better actresses do (see Blanchett, Cate; Dench, Judi).