I’m pretty sure I used that title before, in reference to the U.S. flagship store of Japanese brand Uniqlo. Now, a little further down Broadway, another Japanese giant has opened its first U.S. store: Muji. And I love it maybe even better. I actually was already familiar with a limited range of the store’s offerings, which have been available at MoMA stores for a few years now (and where I can get them for 40% off). The full-size store has cute clothes plus toys, rugs, linens, kitchenware, furniture, office supplies, and more, all in the space of, say, a modest restaurant. It’s like an ultra-minimalist yet comfy general store where everything is really cool. And cheap! I visited today for the first time and bought a dress, a pair of shoes, and a cork board for my office without a shred of guilt or anxiety.