After our big Monday night on the water, we had a quiet Tuesday evening, followed by a gorgeous night on the town with Will’s father. Aristides has long kept season tickets with the Metropolitan Opera, so we met up with him last Wednesday to see Le Nozze di Figaro. First we had a preshow dinner (and dessert at intermission) at the lovely¬† Grand Tier Restaurant overlooking Lincoln Center’s famous plaza. We made it to our seats by the third bell, and the seats? Second row from the orchestra, just to the left of the conductor; we were close enough for it to feel like a private performance. The sets, costumes, acting, singing were spectacular, all the more so because everyone seemed to be having such fun (Will remarked on how nice it was to see an opera in which nobody dies). It’s nice when virtuosity doesn’t have to be so deadly serious. And after we left we were treated to more Mozart on the subway platform by a surly flute player who would take breaks to ask for donations to “make it worth his while” (who asked him to be there in the first place?). It was a hell of a late night, but worth the under-eye circles the next day.