For Jen: Train to Providence, dinner at the very fine Al Forno with the parents. Home to New Hampshire; next day drive to Northfield to visit with childhood friend, her husband, two-year-old, and four-month-old. Dinner that evening, shopping the next morning, then back to Bedford. That night down to Boston for Bruce Springsteen concert at the Boston Garden (or whatever soulless corporate name it has these days). Tuesday of relative quiet at home. Wednesday out with brother to see him at “work.” Met the entirety of Manchester’s mounted police force (two officers and their horses). Thanksgiving dinner. Then back to Boston to catch the Acela home to NY.

For Will (visit our Flickr page for photos of his week): Drive to New Haven for the Harvard-Yale game. Drive to Princeton to celebrate mother’s birthday. Then back to New York to work for a couple of days. Brunch with one friend, dinner of Middle Eastern food with another. Potluck lunch in the Bronx with a bunch of teens and teachers. Drive to Vermont for Thanksgiving dinner with aunt, uncle, cousins, and parents. Stopover in Northampton (I think) to peruse used book store. On way back to New York stop for night in Hartford to visit friends and babies.