This has been the month of concerts. In the past week or two, we’ve been to see Pylon, Euros Childs, David Kilgour, and then last night we saw an odd but pleasant show by 90s British shoegazers Spritualized at the Apollo, of all places. I’d never been there, so was excited to head up to the Harlem landmark, even if it was to see two of the whitest guys on the planet. They were backed up by a string quartet and five singers (whom Will and I agreed were sorely underutilized). Despite oddly crummy sound (not sure if it was the fault of the band, the mixing board, the theater, or our seats), the songs were generally lush and pretty–especially a cover of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You in the End”–and the crowd was mostly respectful and very enthusiastic.

Now I’m gearing up for a train ride north to Providence to meet the family for dinner, then on to old New Hampshire for some visiting, some Bruce (Springsteen, in Boston Monday night), and some Thanksgiving. Also, apparently, a lot of pork. Will has custody of the camera this week (look for snaps from the Harvard-Yale game in upcoming days), so no visuals from my end. But you know. Food, sitting around, etc.