Last night Will and I met with a friend to take in the late show at the Mercury Lounge, which has turned out to be our haunt of choice this week (Wednesday’s Pylon show was there as well). The featured performers were the front men of two bands we’ve been listening to a good bit over the past year or so–David Kilgour (of New Zealand’s The Clean) and Euros Childs (of Wales’s Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci). The former’s solo work tends to be somewhat folkier than that of his band, and the latter’s is a little wackier.

Both guys turned in solid, quirky performances. Childs’s set was punctuated by shouts in Welsh from the audience, to which he responded without translating for the rest of us. He also introduced the band (a drummer and bassist) as a bunch of fancy bastards and instructed us not to applaud or react in any way through the middle part of the set (at which point Will let out a boo). He also looks, in the words of my Southcoasting friend over on Flickr, to be about 13 years old, although he’s probably on the far side of his mid-30s.  Mr. Kilgour’s set was a bit shaggier–six men crowding the stage, including his brother, Hamish, sitting cross-legged on the floor, playing tablas and other percussion, and a tall fellow playing a weird square 12-string guitar with his back to the audience the whole time. Still, all seemed to be having a lot of fun. Hop over to Flickr to get visuals of the evening.