This weekend has brought us some good eats: last night we went over to Roosevelt Island (my first trip) to attend the opening reception for a show of photograpahs by a friend and then went back to her parents’ apartment for another buffet reception. Hoo, boy, those Romanians know how to cook. Tasty bits of salmon crusted with spices; tiny lamb meatballs; little toasts with some garlicky spread and sprinkled with caviar; fresh figs with goat cheese…I could go on. And today, a friend and I revisited the Red Hook Ballfields, where earlier this summer Will and I feasted on delicious Central American foods. It was even better on a crisp fall day than in the 90-degree heat that accompanied the first visit. Next weekend is the last of the season (and maybe ever, if the Parks Department gets their way), so I may have to make one more trip out there next Sunday.

Update: Also, for dinner tonight I made us some roast beef with slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, whole garlic cloves, and zucchini over couscous, washed down with a lovely Côtes du Rhone. Thank you Real Simple for always providing tasty, adaptable recipes.