…means it’s the New Yorker Festival! I was too slow on the uptake last year to get into any of the quick-to-sell-out events, so I was determined to make it to a few this year. I didn’t make it to any of the Friday events (meaning I missed out on Jhumpa Lahiri, Zadie Smith, Orhan Pamuk, Jonathan Lethem, and any number of other fascinating people, but oh well…), but last night we attended John C. Reilly’s Q&A at the Cedar Lake Dance Studios in Chlesea. He’s long been a favorite of mine, and I had fun listening to him reminisce about his early career, approaches to different roles, and so on. At the end, we were treated to a mini-concert of songs from his upcoming film, Walk Hard, a parody on the glut of recent musical biopics. Photo below of him singing the title song:


As a bonus, director Judd Apatow popped in at the end to shout out requests.

Then today, I met up with my scientist friend to attend a talk by Dr. Oliver Sacks (best known for Awakenings), who discussed his new book, Musicophilia, which was given to us as a parting gift. He was all charming and twinkly and told great stories about the power music has to transcend or transform otherwise profound neurological deficits. He very politely submitted to a modest stage rush at the end of his talk:


And now that that’s all over, I need to get back to work (yes, on a Sunday, boo).