So this weekend, amid the activities of a freelance project, cleaning house, going to a party (thanks, Dave!), and hitting the Atlantic Antic, I successfully completed my first French lesson. I can now ask whether you understand English or French, ask whether you are American, and say no, I do not understand French, or actually, yes, I do understand un peu.

I had hoped to show off by writing more of this out in French, but then realized a wee flaw in my learning system. It’s a series of 30-minute lessons that Will got for me that is based on aural/phonetic memorization that is the preferred crash course of foreign diplomats and businesspeople, and I can see it will get me up to speed pretty quickly. But I will be functionally illiterate. As most of you know, the written word is my sword, armor, shield, and shelter. Can I really feel at home in another language without that?