I don’t have a private office, so I often create the illusion of solitude by putting on my headphones and cranking up my iPod. Two songs came up today that were so satisfying I had to repeat each several times. The first, which came up when I was riding the train to work this morning, is “The General Specific,” from the new Band of Horses CD; the second, which appeared in the shuffe shortly after I arrived at work, is “Failsafe,” from the new New Pornographers CD. Both appealed to me because of what I call their “clap and stomp” beats: a basic one-two of hand claps and a kick drum. “Failsafe” also benefits from a great, buzzy “How Soon Is Now?” guitar. I’ve uploaded both* for your enjoyment…

Band of Horses, “The General Specific”
New Pornographers, “Failsafe”

* For promotional purposes only, of course–if you like these songs, support these fine bands by buying their music or attending their shows. If anyone takes exception to their posting, please contact us at GeodeEditorial@gmail.com and we’ll remove the relevant links.