I’ve had a weird surge of traffic today. That’s mainly due to a little cyber-slapfight I got into on another blog (I was on my high horse about SUVs again), and that blog’s readers decided to get a look at the enemy. What’s odd, though, is that the most-viewed page of today has been my little throwaway post from last holiday season about the Mitzvah Tanks in my old neighborhood. My list of Google searches doesn’t provide any clue–those are still all about squirrels and Champagne glasses (seriously, what’s the obsession?). The only interesting search hit I’ve had all week is for “the most intelligent man in the world.”

Update re Mitzvah Tank: I forgot it’s the High Holy Days–when I went out for my run earlier tonight, there were two Hasids posted at every entrance to the park, each of them leaping in front of me, asking if I’m Jewish (at least they leave you alone when you say no, as opposed to Bible-thumpers, who promptly try to “save” you). But I still don’t know who’s been checking out that post or how they found it.

Anyhow, I’m over and out for the next few days, as I embark on a Top Secret Mission. Photos tk next week.