Monday, I ate pizza and ice cream in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge with Will, our friends, and their very cute baby. Tomorrow, those three are leaving for Scotland. I’m jealous.

Tuesday, I had stinky cheese, grilled trout, Israeli couscous, and a glass of grappa at the Farm on Adderley with Will and other friends. As we enjoyed our dessert (a shared dish of bittersweet chocolate mousse with salted cream) on the restaurant’s back patio, they tacked a sheet to the fence behind us and started screening Saturday Night Fever as part of their Brooklyn Neighborhood Film Series (representing Bay Ridge that night).

Last night, I ran 7 miles. That’s a personal record.

Tonight, I didn’t do much of anything. Will is fetching a West Coast friend from the airport.

Tomorrow, I don’t know. I need to buy some shoes.

Saturday, I work at MoMA and then we have to attend a rehearsal dinner to start celebrating a friend’s wedding.

Sunday is the wedding.

Monday, I’m not working and will post some photos.