I’m sure similar laments are popping up all over the blogosphere, but I was saddened to hear that Jane magazine died a quick, painful death today. Although I’ve been out of their demographic for some time now, back when I was an insecure, sorta-Goth-but-I-still-liked pretty-dresses-proto-grunge teen, I adored Sassy magazine, Jane Pratt’s first publishing venture. It covered cool music and books; it featured models who actually looked like real people, wearing clothes I could see myself in; instead of telling me how to fix my hair for the prom, it echoed my own notion that proms were lame; in short, it told me it was okay to turn my back on what 90% of girls my age thought was important. Sassy morphed into Jane around the time I outgrew that sort of stuff, but in its early years, Jane was still cool enough to entice me into buying one or two issues a year. Then Jane Pratt left and the magazine became lame. And today it closed forever. I can only hope that some enterprising person steps into the void to offer young girls an alternative to the crap put out there by the likes of Seventeen and Teen Vogue.