Things have been afoot lately…

Watching: I finally watched The Lady Eve, rented after reading an interesting article about Barbara Stanwyck in the New Yorker a month or so back. The movie is indeed hilarious, and Ms. Stanwyck was indeed a very cool customer.

Listening: Stemming from our recent interest in The Ladybug Transistor, we’ve been giving the newest Essex Green CD some airtime as well. They’re essentially the same band as the Ladybugs, but with a different singer and a little more folk-rock, as opposed to twee-lounge. It’s been a good album for my commute. I’ve also been digging band of horses for the train rides.

Reading: On Wednesday, as Will was toiling away at band practice in Connecticut, I visited the Community Bookstore in Park Slope to see our friend and neighbor Gabriel Cohen read from his new novel, Boombox.  A group of about 15 people gathered in the store’s small back room and enjoyed some wine and cheese as Gabriel read three different scenes from the book. I brought a copy home and hope to read/blog it in the near future.

Eating: Last night Will took me for my  first–and long-overdue–visit to the legendary Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Queens. A tiny indoor bar gave way to a vast backyard where several hundred people gathered at picnic tables with pitchers of strong, dark beer and plates of delicious grilled kielbasa and surprisingly sweet sauerkraut. We enjoyed the same and, burping not-so-gently, left to meet some neighborhood friends and their adorable baby for dessert at a nearby Greek bakery.

And now something is simmering on the stove in anticipation of a special event tomorrow night. Stay tuned for a recap tomorrow or Monday…