Last night we met up with a few friends to help celebrate the release of the new Ladybug Transistor (blogged here last month) CD, Can’t Wait Another Day. The six of them crowded the tiny stage downstairs at Park Slope’s Union Hall and played with surprising energy, considering the gentle sleepiness of their recorded material. The crowd was a little too earnest at first, but they gained momentum along with the band, until everyone was bouncing around pretty well for a lopsided cover of “Walk of Life” near the end of the set. The new material sounded great; the band are embarking on a somewhat random European and American your, so if they hit your city, I highly recommend going to see them. Steph, you can catch them in Miami July 18 (actually, they’re all over Florida in July); I don’t see any dates in Georgia. If any of my readers find themselves in Scandinavia, Estonia, or Russia in the next several weeks, try tracking these guys down.