Back in 1999, a gonzo friend of mine made me a crazy mix tape, a kind of Church of the Subgenius-informed hodgepodge of crackling static, ranting fire-and-brimstone preachers, talk-show snippets, and live-from-the-bunker, Pere Ubuish lo-fi rock ‘n’ roll. Blaring out of the one good speaker in my Peugeot 505 sedan, it was the perfect score for a very weird time in my life.

My favorite part of the tape was when the hiss settled into a lovely, jangly, and entirely self-loathing number that opened with the classic line, “Somehow you convinced yourself your girlfriend fucked the shower curtain up.” (“Hey man,” verse one concludes, “it was broken when she moved in.”) I later learned that 1) the song was by the Albuquerque band the Ant Farmers and 2) I would never own the album, because it was released on cassette only, in 1990, in a limited quantity of, like, eleven copies. (I made up the “eleven.” But it was limited.)

But now I’ve found that Stewart at Little Hits has not only performed the noble service of importing “Shower Curtain” from its original cassette; he also presents it with a little extra barroom context. And as an added bonus, read the comments at the bottom of his write-up. Sounds like it was a pretty interesting scene.

UPDATE: By popular demand, Stewart has posted some more Ant Farmers songs. Keep an eye on Little Hits for more…plus it’s a cool site anyway.