pb.jpgI’ve never understood the general aversion to beets, up there with asparagus and Brussels sprouts (both favorites of mine) as a veggie that ignorant people avoid. Beets are pretty, sweet, nutritious–a seemingly perfect nexus of qualities to please kids and moms alike, yet they are widely reviled by all generations. Anyway, I love beets in all forms, especially pickled. So when I visited the Prospect Park Greenmarket this morning, I was excited to see among the tempting wares of Rick’s Picks pickle booth (where have these people been all my life?) jar after jar of beautiful, garnet-hued pickled beets. They’re a little pricey at $8/jar ($10.99 on their web site, ouch), but I had to treat myself. As soon as I got home, I popped open the jar and was instantly in love with the sweet, vinegary, clove-y, rosemary-y goodness. Half the jar is gone already, and I forsee this becoming a weekly habit. Next week I may have to try their take on bread-and-butter pickles, updated with sour cherries, mustard, and chili peppers.