meadowport4.jpgAlthough I enjoyed the Icicles gig on Sunday, as described below, the girls delivered a sad bit of news in the middle of their set: San Fadyl, drummer for Brooklyn’s The Ladybug Transistor, had died a few days earlier of a severe asthma attack. I’m a latecomer to the band; the first I heard of them, about two years ago, was a clubby remix of their song “Meadowport Arch” by Athens-based I Am the World Trade Center. I liked the song but kind of forgot about them for a while until a few weeks ago, when I started paying more attention to their album Albemarle Sound, named, I suppose, for the pretty street that runs through my neighborhood, and which contains songs named for features of nearby Prospect Park: the above-mentioned “Meadowport Arch” (pictured) and “Vale of Cashmere,” a grassy knoll popular with Jamaican soccer players. I’ve posted the former song; give it a listen and send fond thoughts to San Fadyl’s family and friends:

Meadowport Arch